‘For the First Time in Forever’ – Frozen – ft. HikariOni (Voice Cover)

The duo is back! Enjoy this not-so-serious rendition of Frozen’s “For the First time in Forever” by me and Mel done in a rainy weekend in the basement.

Disclamer : This was done only for fun. And I was sightreading the piano sheets.

I lost the mic recording so the audio quality isn’t the best, sorry.


National Treasure Medley – Piano Jazz!!

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The first and probably not the last time I will play Jazz on Piano. Indeed, National Treasure’s score is SUPER EPIC* and naturally I had to do my own performance. Eargasm ensures.

Thanks for David Russell for the sheets! Find them here :

FYI, I didn’t play 100% what was written on the sheets.

*CAPS LOCK mode activated
Merci à tous!

Harry Potter : 2013 – A Musical Journey (Piano Medley)

Paste a Video URL Get in a great music journey featuring the Harry Potter saga’s best music themes : A Window to the past, Dumbledore’s Army, A journey to Hogwarts, Hedwig’s Theme, and much more! Most of the medley was done by ear, the only music sheet used was Hedwig’s Theme. Hurrah for Harry Potter, one of my favorites film and book saga ever! Foan