NODDDDD! Tiberium Alliances

Command and Conquer : Tiberium Alliances has gone out of beta! And Nod is avaible!

I immediately tried Nod :

And…spoilers ahead! Don’t read if you actually plan to play the game!

It”s a huge deception. The gameplay hasn’t changed much since beta. Plus the framerate is low as hell. The “battlefield” takes about only 1/3 of the screen space. The graphics are not 3D (yes, it’s a browser game). The interface transitions are horrible (there aren’t any). There’s no strategy in attacking because you can’t control your units.

And the worst argument : it’s a pay-to-win game! Anyone who buys some “funds” will get brand new powerful units and resources and crush the other players.

In other words, I stopped playing after two days.


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